Sunday, November 9, 2014

Online Course at tdu

I will be teaching a Principles of  FX course through an online workshop. This 8 week course will introduce students to some fundamentals of computer graphics in visual effects, which will be a great intro to the world of Houdini. There will be a weekly lecture along with challenges I give to the students. Also an online forum will help the students with their questions. The course will start on January 19th! I love teaching, so I'm quite exited.

Special thanks to Michael Tanzillo and Jasmine Katatikarn, the founders of tdu, for this opportunity.

tdu Homepage

CreepyPoints SOP

CreepyPointsSOP Demo from YungHurd on Vimeo.

Create points that move along the UV coordinates of a NURBS, Mesh, or Bezier surface. Features include wrapping as the points reach the ends, creating custom attributes to effect the motion, and adding noise to the UV positions. Good for creating a set of points that infinitely loop around a surface.

Try and Purchace at Orbolt

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kill By ID SOP

I just posted my first asset on Orbolt. It is the Kill By ID SOP that lets you select particles from the viewport and conveniently delete them by ID number instead of point number. You can also type in the ID numbers by hand as well.

KillByID SOP Demo from YungHurd on Vimeo.

It seems to be pretty fast and will work with particle fluids from DOPs as long as you enable particle IDs on the solver. Quickly get rid of pesky particles that don't behave.

Try it out:
Download at Orbolt

Friday, February 28, 2014